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"Quote from customer"

How did you like the program?  

 "Learned that it is never ever good to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs".  S.J 


" I found it enlightening.  It helped me accept my part in my experience."  L.J.


"Very helpful". D.T. 


"Melissa makes you think with her examples and makes you feel better."  S.N.  


"Very informative and educating.  I actually enjoyed it."  M.W.  


"Very informative and gave great advice about drinking habits and puts you on a good life course."  V.G.  


" Thought program was helpful and motivated me to make changes."  T.S.  


"It was very educational."  J.B.  


"I liked the program alot because I got to share my experiences with others and learn about the different laws that you have to abide by."  C.J.  


"Greatest staff and program ever."  C.B.  


"It's excellent".  T.T.  


"I really enjoyed the program and the positive atmosphere.  I learned alot from the honest discussions we shared in class."  D.M.  


"The program was great and taught me alot about the law."  J.E.  


"I liked the program.  The counselors were awesome and very knowledgeable.  Always a fun and thoughtful class."  M.H. 


"I enjoyed the program very much.  This was a great experience.  I only have extremely positive things to say about my experience."  P.E.  


"I enjoyed the counselors and the freedom to express myself, the groups, meeting people."  J.G.  


"It was very interesting."  B.B.  


"Good wisdom/Communication.  Thoughtout, well planned, flexible, offered more than any other office; more options for time (a positive)." M.P.  


"Very much.  Enjoyed classroom delivery."  K.M.  


"I enjoyed it.  I feel like I got useful information and it was a good environment to share."  J.P. 


"I enjoyed it very much.  Everyone running the program is helpful, knowledgeable and kind".  A.M. 


"I loved it.  I learned a lot of important facts from it."  M.G. 


"It was nice.  Very open and slightly enjoyable.  Best of a bad situation."  J.L.  


"Thankful for Melissa's intent on providing forums for those in recovery and those affecdted by those in recovery."  W.W. 


"Really constructive.  Great sessions.  Interesting conversations.  Very flexible meeting times"


"Excellent service.  Always provided sufficient information to fulfill requirements". 


"I enjoyed the program.  I learned things about myself as well as things about my drinking habits that I will take with me."


"I reallly liked the program.  It makes you think about what you've done and what could happen if I keep on drinking and driving."  


"I liked it very much.  I feel inspired and cared for due to my attendance."  L.P.


"It was great, much more friendly and helpful than I thought."  J.L.


 "I learned that it is never good to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs". 


" I found it enlightening and helpful in accepting my part in my experience"'


"Very Helpful" 


" I loved it and learned alot, very educational"


What do you think the program would need to improve services?  

"Nothing.  It teaches alot of educational information on alcohol and drugs."  S.J 


" This program teaches alot of educational information on alcohol and drugs"  


"Expand more days and hours to accommodate more people"


"Workbooks, videos, more statistics" 


"Grateful for the new view of myself"  


"More of a classroom environment with tables and chairs" 



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