Women of Strength

Women of Strength is an non profit outreach program dedicated to provide women the opportunity for growth.  Women of Strength believes that activities are needed to encourage professional women to become more self reliant and independent.   Women of Strength is committed to providing opportunities that will educate, enrich and enlighten the lives of women.  Women of Strength goals are to create additional opportunities through community collaborations



  • Monthly topic meetings 

  • Monthly newsletters

  • Quarterly workshops 

  • National Recovery Month

  • Annual Retreats

  • To help teach skills to become self reliant
  • To enhance talents and abilities

  • to offer hope through encouragement

  • To broaden community understanding

  • To offer scholarships to related conferences and workshops

Lunch and Learn Series Workshop Schedule

Lunch and Learn Workshops are designed to help participants maintain their certifications as substance abuse professionals through continuing education.  Each workshop is designed specifically for the substance abuse/mental health professional.  These workshops will help enhance the professional skills of the participants. 


    Cost $25 Refreshments included.  NCSAPPB hours available. 





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