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DWI DUI Assessments Driving Under Influence/Driving While Impaired


Out of State Reviews

DMV Hearing Evaluations

NCDHHS-NC Department of Health and Human Services State Licensed Program for Driving while Impaired,

Driving while Intoxicated,

Driving With License Revoked,

Underage Drinking

Prime For Life and Alcohol and Substance Abuse/Drug Education Treatment Classes

NCDMV-NC Department of Motor Vehicles Evaluations (DMV)

DOT-SAP Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional

ASSESSMENT (cost varies depending upon client's concern, i.e., Driving While Impaired, Court-Ordered issues, etc)

In order to understand the needs of each individual client, we begin with an assessment. This consists of a questionnaire, a clinical interview with a therapist, and a urine drug screen. The therapist then develops the individual treatment plan for each client.  The therapist's recommendations are discussed with the client, who also receives a copy of the Treatment Plan/Admission Contract. The assessment process is ongoing throughout the course of treatment and adjustments are made as the client progresses.

MENTAL HEALTH SCREENING (15 - 30 minutes )


Mental Health Screening consists of a screening tool used to help identify symptoms of depression and mood disorders, anxiety disorders, post traumatic stress disorders, bipolar disorders and other issues such as anger, stress, grief.  The therapist then establishes a need for a more comprehensive bio psycho social clinical interview with the client.  




Substance Abuse Screening consists of screening tool used to help identify symptoms of substance use disorders (alcohol and other drugs).  This therapist then establishes a need for a more comprehensive assessment with the client. 






Trinity Counseling Services LLC offers different levels and intensities of substance abuse groups to include a Substance Abuse Intervention group (Short Term), which focuses on identification and interruption of substance use and abuse.  Eligible attendees include Driving While Impaired, Driving With License Revoked, Underage Drinking and Driving and any other court order clients.   Substance Abuse Treatment groups (Long Term) are offered throughout the week and focus on addiction as disease.  Trinity Counseling Services LLC also offers Relapse Prevention groups and hosts an Trinity Counseling Services LLC Alumni group, where former clients are welcome to attend at no charge. All treatment plans are individualized and intended to meet the client where they are.




Is a DHHS/DMV approved program.   Program explores risk and what we can do to reduce risk and protect the things we value the most in life.  Prime for Life gives a way to reduce risk for future problems with alcohol and drugs.  The program provides research-based information about alcohol and drug risks.




This 8-hour educational program is a prevention level service that provides comprehensive information pertaining to alcohol, to individuals who have either engaged in some risk-taking behavior or been charged by association with an alcohol-related offense.

The sessions address the risks of under-age drinking as well as the choices to associate with alcohol users. The program evaluates the risks and potential for abuse and dependence and examines behavioral changes that can significantly lower risk. These sessions are didactic and targeted towards discussion and evaluation of the material presented. Personal responsibility and healthy decision-making are emphasized.   Classes are available as a one-day workshop once each month, or as a series of classes.  (Contact for Schedule)




is structured over 4 weeks/1 8 hour Day to help individuals achieve consistent success in emotional regulation. This 4 week/1 8 hour Day group emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility for one’s behavior.  This program uses an approach proven to initiate change in a person’s thinking and behavior.  Research confirms that this approach (CBT) works.  This program utilizes interventions from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Brief Interventions focusing on FRAMES (Feedback, Responsibility, Advice, Menu, Empathy and Self Efficacy).  


The therapist leads the sessions in learning temper and behavior management strategies.  Being able to identify the thinking that leads to anger and the interventions that promote health anger management are ultimate goals of the program.  Topics include:  Know your anger-Expressing your Anger-Managing yourself-Forgiveness-Making Choices




This 5-week, 10-hour psycho-educational intervention systematically reviews the major cognitive behavioral (CBT) components of a “good life.” The program introduces the ability to observe thoughts and provides structural techniques to identify and change irrational thinking.


The program reviews the power of choice and helps individuals to review their personal responsibility in their life choices. Essential life skills are taught that identify and prioritize the characteristics of a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition, goals, exercise, relationships, thought processes are all outlined in detail. Special emphasis is placed on developing a healthy relationship with pleasure.  The program ends with helping each participant see the possibility of living the Good Life.




This four-hour psycho-educational intervention is designed to challenge thinking and lifestyle choices. By using cognitive behavioral group techniques, individuals are introduced to power and responsibility of choices and how their “best thinking” has created their life circumstances.


This workshop then moves into a review of specific techniques that are consistent with a healthy and productive lifestyle with emphasis on:

·        stress management

·        communication patterns

·        coping style

·        healthy relationships

·        goals and objectives




This 4-week psycho-educational, intervention level program is designed to specifically focus on marijuana use and abuse. The program reviews the intoxicating properties of cannabis and the potential for abuse and dependence. The sessions address effects of marijuana use and its impact on behavior such as lack of motivation and maturation.


These sessions also include discussion of the signs and symptoms of marijuana dependence and challenge clients to examine their own behavior as well as changes necessary to avoid marijuana dependence and obtaining a drug free lifestyle.




If an employee should have a positive drug test, with a Drug Free Workplace program in place, companies have a substance abuse program that is both cost effective and a significant substance abuse intervention. The employee will be provided a comprehensive assessment to determine the extent of the substance abuse and will be offered a clear contractual obligation for intervention and structured treatment that holds the employee responsible for change. 





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