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SAMHSA presents:The 2018 Recovery Month theme, “Join the Voices for Recovery: Invest in Health, Home, Purpose, and Community,”explores how integrated care, a strong community, sense of purpose, and leadership contributes to effective treatments that sustain the recovery of persons with mental and substance use disorders. The observance will work to highlight inspiring stories to help people from all walks of life find the path to hope, health, and wellness.


CHOOSE RECOVERY  focuses on “The Effectiveness of Community Involvement”, which is is defined as the process of engaging in dialogue and collaboration with community members.  The long term benefits of community involvement includes:

  1. Creation of more jobs
  2. Improvement of Community Relations
  3. Community Empowerment
  4. Heightened economic status
  5. Environmental restoration
  6. Enhancement of Life


Be part of the discussion and network with others at the CHOOSE RECOVERY SUMMIT June 13, 2018 8-5 pm Vailtree Event and Convention Center Graham, NC  27253. 



Highlight your programs and services for collaboration with other individuals, businesses and organizations and engage stakeholders in your target audience.  A limited number of exhibit and sponsorships options are available. 


  • Speaking and other conference sponsorships
  • Exhibit tables
  • Advertising in the Summit e-newsletter
  • Advertising in the Summit program


Please submit the forms to by February 28, 2018.  All selected presenters will be notified by March 28, 2018.



RALEIGH – Transportation Secretary Nick Tennyson announced a new initiative today championed by Governor Pat McCrory to eliminate deaths on North Carolina’s roadways. NC Vision Zero seeks to bring together multiple agencies and stakeholders to engineer safer roads, educate all road users, and enforce life-saving traffic laws.

“My top priority as governor is to ensure the safety of everyone traveling throughout North Carolina,” said Governor McCrory. “One life lost to a traffic accident is one too many. I believe we can work together to make our roads safer for everyone.”

The immediate goal of NC Vision Zero is to cut roadway fatalities and serious injuries in half in the next 15 years, with a long term target of zero deaths on North Carolina roadways.

“This is an ambitious goal, but it is not beyond our reach,” said Transportation Secretary Nick Tennyson. “Over the past ten years, we have achieved 148 zero fatality days, including several consecutive days.”

In 2015, 1,387 people were killed on North Carolina roads. If the current trend of yearly fatalities continues for the next five years, more than 6,300 lives are at stake.

The NC Vision Zero initiative utilizes data analytics to guide traffic safety efforts and educate the public. Safety stakeholders, such as the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, are able to use the data to directly link agency enforcement and countermeasure activities with crash reduction goals set forth in Governor McCrory’s Highway Safety Plan.

“North Carolinians can make a difference by following the speed limit, wearing a seat belt, and not driving while impaired or distracted,” said Don Nail, director of the Governor’s Highway Safety Program. “We have to hold not only ourselves, but others, accountable for risky driving habits. This will help prevent crashes and save lives.”

To watch Governor McCrory’s video on NC Vision Zero, click here.

More information about NC Vision Zero can be found at

Five E's of NC Vision Zero

Education to prepare North Carolina drivers through lifelong learning, starting with drivers education programs and continuing through public outreach, including efforts such as Click It or Ticket, Booze It & Lose It, and One Text or Call Could Wreck it All.

Enforcement of traffic laws to prevent risky behaviors, such as speeding and impaired driving, through high-visibility efforts by the NC State Highway Patrol and local law enforcement.

Engineering vehicles and roadways to prevent crashes and forgive human mistakes.

Emergency response to reduce the severity of injuries from a crash through rapid response and treatment.

Everyone shares the responsibility of keeping North Carolina roads safe. By following traffic laws, making safe decisions on the road, and advocating for others to do the same, we collectively support a culture which prioritizes safety.

2016 Labor Day Campaign


State Launches Aggressive Drunk Driving Enforcement Campaign 
Booze It & Lose It to Run Through Labor Day

Raleigh – The N.C. Department of Transportation and Governor’s Highway Safety Program intend to make roadways safer for North Carolina’s residents and visitors by cracking down on drunk drivers during the Labor Day holiday.

State officials kicked off the annual Labor Day Booze It & Lose It campaign, which runs from Aug. 19 to Sept. 5, at the conclusion of the North Carolina Highway Safety Symposium.

“We want everyone in North Carolina to enjoy this Labor Day holiday and make safe choices,” said N.C. Transportation Secretary Nick Tennyson. “Our ultimate goal is to eliminate alcohol-related accidents and fatalities by getting impaired drivers off the road through education and enforcement efforts.”

During last year’s Booze It & Lose It campaign, state and local law enforcement arrested 3,523 impaired drivers through more than 13,500 sobriety checkpoints across the state. State law makes it illegal to drive with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher.
The mission of the Booze It & Lose It campaign aligns closely with Governor Pat McCrory’s NC Vision Zero initiative, which aims to eliminate all traffic-related injuries and fatalities through strategic coordinated efforts with public and private partners in traffic safety.

“Drunk driving is selfish and dangerous,” said Don Nail, director of the Governor’s Highway Safety Program. “We need everyone to not only make safe decisions for themselves, but also to look out for others. If you know someone is about to drive impaired, take their keys and help them make safe travel arrangements. If you see an impaired driver on the road, contact the police immediately.”

In conjunction with the enforcement campaign, state officials will utilize the “Be Smarter Than That” campaign to provide easy access to safe transportation options for members of the public who plan to drink alcohol. The allows users to designate a sober driver, download a ride app, find public transportation options, and find a taxi based on their location.






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Women of Strength in collaboration with Trinity Counseling Services LLC, Beautiful and Gracious Bookstore, and sponsored by APNC Hosts Recovery Event to promote the national observance of National Recovery Month. 


This FREE event is scheduled to be held September 17, 2016 10-2 pm TBD/Charlotte Mecklenburg Parks and Recreation


National Recovery Month (Recovery Month) ( is a national observance that educates Americans on the fact that addiction treatment and mental health services can enable those with a mental and/or substance use disorder to live a healthy and rewarding life


Adults (ages 18+): Approximately 17 million adults ages 18 and older (7.2 percent of this age group) had an Alcohol Use Disorder [AUD] in 2012. This includes 11.2 million men (9.9 percent of men in this age group) and 5.7 million women (4.6 percent of women in this age group).3  Youth (ages 12–17): In 2012, an estimated 855,000 adolescents ages 12–17 (3.4 percent of this age group) had an AUD. This number includes 444,000 females (3.6 percent) and 411,000 males (3.2 percent).5 (


This year’s theme, Join the Voices:  “Our Families, Our Stories, Our Recovery” It is also a great way to support this year’s theme, “Join the Voices for Recovery: Our Families, Our Stories, Our Recovery!” Events bring people together to share real life experiences of the power of recovery from mental and/or substance use disorders.


In celebration of the theme of this year, Join the Voices: “Our Families, Our Stories, Our Recovery”, this year’s community event will highlight the accomplishments of individuals who have achieved many years of recovery and sobriety.   We will have speakers who will share their experience, strength and hope to the participants of this event.  We will also have other community resources on hand to provide information regarding various programs within the community. 


Thank you in advance.  Melissa R Enoch-DeBerry, Founder of Women of Strength



27th National Recovery Month

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