ADETS Prime for Life Classes 

Charlotte Schedule/Burlington Schedule 

Upcoming Schedule for ADETS (Prime for Life)



ADETS/Prime for Life Schedule

Morning and Evening Options Available

Classes will be held Virtually via Zoom Applications

Clients are required to Sign Up, Remit Full Payment, Complete Paperwork and Receive Workbook, Client Folder and Zoom Link

In Office Sign Up Required Charlotte between 2-3pm Burlington between 11-12 pm

Sign Up prior to attendance


2nd Quarter ADETS/Prime for Life Schedule (Virtual)  April-June

 Week April 3-9

Evening Program 5-9pm Monday-Thursday


Week April 10-16 

Day Program 8-12 Monday-Thursday 


Week May 1-May 7

Evening Program 5-9 Monday-Thursday 


Week May 8-May 14 

Day Program 8-12 Monday-Thursday 


Week June 5-June 11

Day Program 8-12 Monday-Thursday


Week June 12-June 17

Evening Program 5-9 Monday-Thursday 


1st Quarter ADETS/Prime for Life Schedule  (Virtual)


January 8 for Week January 1-13

Evening Program 5-9 pm


January 15 for Week January 17-20

Day Program 8-12 pm 


February 5 for Week February 7-10

Evening Program 5-9 pm 


February 12 for Week February 14-17

Day Program 8-12 pm 


March 5 for Week March 7-10

Evening Program 5-9 pm


March 12 for Week March14-17

Day Program 8-12 pm









Prime for Life and NC ADETS education classes are best practice programs designed to be a client-centered and comprehensive experience to assist clients regarding alcohol and/or drug use. Prime for Life is the only approved curriculum for ADETS. ADETS is required by NC DWI Services only for people who meet NC DWI Services standards for education only. To qualify for ADETS rather than treating the DWI client must have a BAC below .15, never had a prior conviction lifetime, meet no diagnosis for a substance use disorder, and a few other criteria required and defined by NC DWI Services. The class is 16 hours, provided over 4-5 days.


All Prime For Life and ADETS NC DWI class participants must enroll in advance. By NC law, there are only 20 spaces allowed for each session.

Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. The Prime For Life program meets many legal, school, job, etc. requirements.

To enroll, contact the Trinity Counseling Services LLC which you would like to attend and schedule an enrollment session.

The cost of Prime for Life/ADETS is $185 including workbook. .

To enroll, be prepared to pay the full fees at enrollment. If you had your assessment elsewhere, the recommendation forms from the agency where you completed your assessment. According to NC DWI laws, a DWI assessment is valid for only months. Participants must begin attending ADETS classes within 6 months of completing the assessment. Enrolling within 6 months but starting classes later than 6 months requires a new assessment according to statutes.

Trinity Counseling Services LLC  utilizes the Prime For Life program as our ADETS programs. It is the standard best-practice model that is required for DWI ADETS programs.

Alcohol and Drug Education clients can usually qualify for our 16-hour substance use education program, Prime For Life, as an alternative to attending the Drug Education School. If you have an attorney, ask if the Prime for Life program will meet your requirements.  Students are able to satisfy college requirements, employees meet job requirements, DOT, etc.

State of NC DWI regulations prevents us from enrolling DWI ADETS clients without a current, valid lifetime driving record and proof of breathalyzer or blood alcohol content (BAC).

  • ADETS and PRIME FOR LIFE  = $185.00
  • No Tax & includes workbooks and all related materials
  • Prime for Life/DOT                    =$240.00


ADETS/Prime for Life
185.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

ADETS/Prime for Life North Carolina

Out of State Convictions
200.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Out of State Convictions

Prime for Life/DOT
240.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Prime for Life for SAP-DOT clients

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